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2023 Annual Sale

Bulls List

GBVs - Seifert Belmont Reds have participated in Professor Ben Hayes MLA Northern Beef Genomics research project since 2017. Stage one of the project genomically (DNA) tested and performance recorded a very large population of approximately 30,000 head of multiple breeds, from 54 commercial herds across Northern Australia. In the first round of the project, our herds heifer puberty impressively ranked in the very top 5%.
This year we have published our Northern Beef Genomic GBVs for the objectively measured traits of age of puberty, P4M (re-breed), and growth, which genetically rank each of our bulls, compared to all other animals, and all different breeds in the project.
In the absence of multi-breed BREEDPLAN EBVs, GBVs are currently the only tool available to compare animal performance between different breeds in Northern Australia.
• Heifer Age of Puberty: Is a measure of how early a heifer will reach puberty.
• P4M: Pregnant within four months of calving is a measure of a female’s ability to re-breed whilst lactating.
• Weight: Is an animal’s weight at 18 months of age, like 600-day weight EBV.
The Genomic Breeding Value(GBV) for the traits of puberty, re-breed and growth, are recorded as a %value in the GBV table for each bull.
The GBV ranks animals between 1 and 100, 1 being the worst and 100 being the best. For example, a GBV ranking of 90 means that bull is in the top 10% for that trait, compared to all animals in the project.
Below are the Seifert Belmont Red Sale bulls GBVs for the 3 traits, ranked in the top 10%, 20%, 40% and 50% compared to all animals, and different breeds, in the Northern Beef Genomics Project.

EBVs - Estimated Breeding Values are a within breed comparison and compare the performance of Belmont Reds to Belmont Reds.
The Seifert Belmont Red herd is fully BREEDPLAN recorded for every trait available to the Belmont Red breed. Every animal we breed is BREEDPLAN recorded (not just a select few or ‘the best’) and are run in large contemporary groups. This guarantees the most accurate and EBVs possible, and delivers true, heritable, and consistent genetics that you can count on.

Below are the BREEDPLAN trait EBVs for Seifert Belmont Red Sale Bulls, ranked in the top 10%, 20%, 40% and 50% percentiles bands, compared to all other Belmont Reds.

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